The Real Taste of Indian Cuisine


When it comes to taste the cuisine, the Indian cuisine comes first and many people across the globe just wish to taste the Indian food. The secret behind eating Indian food is its diverse culture, multiple climatic conditions, and various food crops. These stand as the reason for the popularity of Indian food. The regional flavors of north, south, east and west of India give a sensational taste to the Indian recipes. When talking about the North Indian flavor, the Punjabi, Mughalai and Kashmiri dishes and cuisines are the most popular ones. When it comes to the South Indian flavor, idli, dosa, upma and much more are famous. The Bengali, Assamese and Oriya food recipes are the most popular in East Indian food. And finally, when it comes to food recipes in the west, Maharashtrian and Gujarati recipes are famous in the Indian food. Every part of India has its own unique taste and has different techniques of cooking.

The North Indian cuisine has a specialty that they too much oily and spicy, with most of the people using milk and milk products to prepare these recipes. Adding spices is the most featured specialty of an Indian food; there are some important ingredients such as coriander, red chili powder, cumin, turmeric and many other local spices used to prepare Indian cuisine.

However, since the majority of the Indians are non-vegetarians, there are so many specialized chicken recipes such as butter chicken, roasted tandoori chicken, seafood and various other items depending on one’s choice. Most of the Indians are habituated to eat delicious curries with either rice or wheat made chapattis. South Indians also prepare dishes that are too spicy and most of them like to prepare breakfast items. The eastern region of the country is famous for their sweet and so they offer a wide collection of sweets for your taste.

Most of the Indians love to eat seafood. And seafood is very famous in the western region of India. The people in this region also offer diverse styles of food. When it comes to the beautiful presentation of food items, Rajasthani Thal is what that comes to mind and leaves one mouth-watering. Rajasthan cuisine is also too much spicy. The Gujarati dishes are slightly sweet in comparison to the Rajasthan dishes.

Drawing its inspiration from the Indian villages across the different regions of the country, The Taste of Village restaurant and bar greets and welcomes all to have a fine dining experience with your family and friends. The diversity in the Indian cuisine due to the different culture and tradition of the country forms the core of the menu. The Taste of Village restaurant has a menu for all tastes. The contemporary restaurant also offers a good range of wine collection. The friendly staffs know exactly what to serve to the customers and strive to offer the highest level of quality and service. The expert chefs at The Taste of Village restaurant understand the diverse culture of India and give personalized attention to every taste and requirement of the guests. The restaurant also provides the best catering services for every occasion at the reasonable price range. The Taste of Village restaurant has an exotic ambiance with seats nestled closely so that you feel comfortable and relax.

With the combined efforts of the staffs, The Taste of Village restaurant is committed to offering the diverse and traditional Indian cuisine in a modern style palatable to its guests. The professional chefs having years of experience in preparing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes are the hallmarks of The Taste of Village Restaurant. Check out the menu that features diverse Indian cuisine at an affordable price. For more information and details, visit their valuable website

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